Honorable Gary Daniels, Amherst-Milford

“JR is an individual who firmly believes in the principles and guiding values of our Constitution. You see it in his conviction to reduce spending and limit the role of government. You see it in the passion he demonstrates in fighting to uphold our Constitutional rights. JR Hoell is a true patriot, exhibiting the honesty, integrity and commitment that voters expect from someone representing them in Concord”

Honorable Dan Itse

“When JR Hoell came to the Legislature in 2011, I recognized him as an intelligent and able freshman Representative. I watched him, and I hope helped him, develop into one of the most effective leaders for liberty and freedom in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. JR has the respect of leadership from both sides of the aisle. Bow and Dunbarton should be proud to be represented by as principled and consistent an individual as JR Hoell.”